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Zeit: 21.08.2020, 14:51 Uhr
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karl* P r o u d l y P r e s e n t s Title : STURMWIND EX (Update v1.0.0.4) Publisher : b-alive Platform : Nintendo Switch Developer : b-alive Origin : eShop Genre : Arcade / Action Title ID : Date : August 2020 Format : 01x50MB / NSP R e l e a s e N o t e s STURMWIND EX is a shmup (shoot em up) in the tradition of old arcade games. If it moves - shoot it! STURMWIND EX is a shoot-em up in the tradition of old arcade games. If it moves - shoot it! You can play missionmode with all 16 levels with saving your progress with every finished level or arcademode with 6 levels and no continues. 2 different game modes: missionmode and arcademode 16 Levels 3 difficulty levels Different weapons selectable Upgradeable weapons, drones and different weapon-/drone-formations Additional superweapons like superbeam and smartbombs More than 20 large boss-enemies Hundreds of different enemies Achievements, Highscore and Levelstatistics Customizable User Interface Languages: English and German. Update Notes: v1.0.0.4 (v65536). Firmware 10.1.0 and master key 9.1 are required. G r e e t i n g s Abstrakt . Anthrox . Capital . Caravan . Complex Dual Crew Shining . Duplex . Echelon . Eurasia . Kalisto . Legacy Lightforce . Menace . Miracle . Mode 7 . Money . Mystic . Napalm Nightfall . Oldskool . Paradox . Premiere . Project X . Protocol Quartex . Quasar . Rising Sun . Scoopex . Sneakers . Triforce VENOM - If it moves - shoot it! Since 2001.

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