Cover und Poster: Wimmelbildspiele

Das Wimmelspiel oder Wimmelbildspiel ist eine Computerspiel-Form und Variante der Computer-Denkspiele. Es stellt eine digitale Version des Wimmelbilderbuchs dar. [weiter lesen]


Zeit: 23.08.2020, 10:39 Uhr
Größe: 984 MB
Genre: Point & Click

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1 9 1 1 Razor 1911 proudly presents: Detectives United 3: Timeless Voyage Collector's Edition (c) Elephant Games Date: 08-23-2020 Game Type : Casual Adventure Size: small Protection: DRM Game Notes Detectives... Divided? Detectives United is scattered to the wind when Dark Anna returns and sends James Blackthorne, Anna Gray, and Agent Brown into the past, present, and future against their wills, with no way back! Now, with their futures held hostage, they`re each on a mission to find a specific artifact. They have no choice but to follow Dark Anna`s directives for now, but what is she planning, and how can they prevent it? Install Notes 1. Unzip and unrar. 2. Extract with archive utility. 3. Open package to play. Razor 1911 Greetings All our supporters and friends worldwide! Razor 1911 /__ Since 1985 SUPPORT THE COMPANIES THAT PRODUCE QUALITY SOFTWARE! IF YOU ENJOYED THIS PRODUCT, BUY IT! SOFTWARE AUTHORS DESERVE SUPPORT!!

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