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Children of Morta spielt seine Geschichte in einem fernen Land, meistert jedoch Themen, die näher an unserem täglichen Leben liegen als man erwarten würde. Es ist eine Geschichte von einfachen Emotionen, die wir alle so gut kennen und mehr schätzen, als wir manchmal zuzugeben wagen. Liebe und... [weiter lesen]


Zeit: 24.08.2020, 20:07 Uhr
Größe: 1 RAR
Genre: Action-Rollenspiel

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karl* P r o u d l y P r e s e n t s Title : Children of Morta: Paws and Claws (DLC) Publisher : 11 bit studios Platform : Nintendo Switch Developer : Dead Mage Origin : eShop Genre : Action / RPG Title ID : Date : August 2020 Format : 01x50MB / NSP R e l e a s e N o t e s It runs in the family. Children of Morta sets its story in a distant land but copes with themes closer to our daily lives that one would expect. It is a story of simple emotions we all know so well and value more than sometimes we dare to admit: love and hope, longing and uncertainty, ultimately loss and sacrifice we are willing to make to save the ones we care the most for. Embark on the adventure of an extraordinary family of heroes. With the Corruption spreading through the land, guardians of the Mountain Morta have to stand up against the ancient evil. But... it's not a story about saving the universe. It's a story about a valiant family standing together while the world around them is being devoured by darkness. DLC Notes: Notice: 100% of 11 bit studios and Dead Mage's proceeds go to the Humane Society International charity! Hunters of the night, creatures of the day. They howl, growl, hiss and grumble - but more than anything, they feel and think in a similar way that we all do. And their lives are as precious as ours. This DLC adds new features to the game - like the Animal Shelter System, new boosts, animations and events - but it actually does far more than that. It directly helps the animals in need - not those virtual, but the real ones. 100% of 11 bit studios and Dead Mage proceeds from Paws and Claws DLC go to the Humane Society International charity, whose main mission is to help animals all over the world. You can read more about HSI here: Paws and Claws DLC - key new features: Animal Shelter System - which adds a whole new section of the house! A herd of varied animals visited the family's house: Deer, fox, birds and more. New mechanic: use treats to feed animals and look after them. New special animal-related boosts (XP Gain, Movement Speed and more) available for the Bergsons. New Home Interactive Events. More than 100 new animations, big and small, showing you the life of your new animal friends! Update v1.0.7 is required to use this DLC. G r e e t i n g s Abstrakt . Anthrox . Capital . Caravan . Complex Dual Crew Shining . Duplex . Echelon . Eurasia . Kalisto . Legacy Lightforce . Menace . Miracle . Mode 7 . Money . Mystic . Napalm Nightfall . Oldskool . Paradox . Premiere . Project X . Protocol Quartex . Quasar . Rising Sun . Scoopex . Sneakers . Triforce VENOM - Helping Animals in Need! Since 2001.

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