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Zeitmanagementspiele sind ein Subgenre des Strategie-Videospiels und der Casual Games, die sich auf die schnelle Zuweisung von Ressourcen in Echtzeit konzentrieren, um die Level-Ziele zu erreichen. [weiter lesen]


Zeit: 20.09.2020, 13:53 Uhr
Größe: 608 MB

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Alices Wonderland 3 Shackles of Time Sammleredition German m0 CRO KEYMAKER [ ] SERIAL [x] CRACK [ ] RETAIL CRACKER.......: DELiGHT RELEASE DATE..: 20/09/2020 RLS PACKAGER..: DELiGHT FILES.........: 13x50.00 R E L E A S E N O T E S Erlebe verrückte Zeiten mit der wunderbaren Alice! I N S T A L L N O T E S Another fine Release by DELiGHT 1. Unzip and unrar 2. Install 3. Play! This Release belongs to the Scene. P2P and web warez are the end of the scene. It is competition and our hobby to release - P2P's and fucking lamer's only skill is leeching. Don't share our releases to P2P -they don't contribute anything to the scene so they have no right to use our releases and can buy it! Furthermore Bit Torrent Tracker, the FXP- Scene and other One-Click-Hoster are a huge risk to the whole scene. Support the software company and buy it. D E L i G H T N E W S DELiGHT is currently looking for experienced members with the following skills: * capable of defeating commercial software protections (Armadillo, SecuROM ,VOB...) * familiar with creating keygens for games, commercial,crypto and custom protections * able to supply unreleased software (games of all kinds and applications) * anything else that could contribute to our group G R E E T I N G S ACME - CYGNUS - MYTH - HOODLUM DEViANCE - UCF - GENESIS CORE - ZEKE - Hatred www.deathpunk.org ASCII BY m0lo- OF CRO

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