Four Tops


Cover und Poster: Four Tops


Zeit: 13.05.2021, 00:00 Uhr
Genre: R&B

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sM Release Info ---------------- - Artist .. : Four Tops Title ... : Fourever Genre ... : Pop Type .... : Album Ripper .. : KNOWN CreW Encoder . : LAME 3.100 -b 32 -V 0 Source .. : WEB FLAC Quality . : VBR kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint Stereo Year .... : 2001 Format .. : MP3 URL ..... : Track Listing Duration --------------- - ------------ - CD1 01.Could It Be You 03:17 02.Aint That Love 02:26 03.Pennies From Heaven 02:28 04.Until I Met You 1999 Lost And Found Version 02:34 05.Baby I Need Your Loving Single Version Mono 02:42 06.Where Did You Go Single Version 02:24 07.Without The One You Love Lifes Not Worthwhile Si 02:52 08.Left With A Broken Heart Album Version 02:55 09.Ask The Lonely Alternate Stereo Mix 02:59 10.Just A Little Love Before My Life Is Gone 03:11 11.My Heart Is Calling You 03:11 12.I Cant Help Myself Sugar Pie Honey Bunch Altern 03:23 13.Its The Same Old Song Alternate Berry Gordy Single 02:45 14.Is There Anything That I Can Do Album Version 03:03 15.Something About You Single Version / Mono 02:47 16.No Good Without You 02:35 17.Just As Long As You Need Me Single Version 03:07 18.Shake Me Wake Me When Its Over Single Version 02:41 19.Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever Single Version Mon 02:44 20.Brenda Alternate Payton Vocal Version 02:37 21.For Once In My Life Single Version 02:44 CD2 01.Reach Out Ill Be There Single Version / Mono 03:03 02.Standing In The Shadows Of Love Single Version Mon 02:36 03.Bernadette Single Version Mono 03:00 04.7-Rooms Of Gloom Alternative Mix 02:29 05.Ill Turn To Stone Live / Unreleased Original Versi 02:28 06.You Keep Running Away Single Version 02:48 07.Walk Away Renee Single Version Mono 02:42 08.Your Love Is Wonderful Single Version 02:29 09.If I Were A Carpenter Album Version 02:48 10.Just Another Lonely Night 02:29 11.Oh Ive Been Blessed 03:03 12.Yesterdays Dreams Single Version / Mono 02:56 13.Cant Seem To Get You Out Of My Mind Single Version03:21 14.Im In A Different World Album Version Stereo 03:05 15.What Is A Man Single Version 02:33 16.So Far 02:34 17.Dont Let Him Take Your Love From Me Single Version02:33 18.Do What You Gotta Do Album Version 04:05 19.MacArthur Park Album Version / Pts 1 2 06:30 20.Ill Pay Do

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